Why Advertise in MyLocale?

MyLocale is the Most Targeted & Cost Effective Medium for Your Money.

Why spend money advertising to consumers in Provo who have very little probability of becoming your everyday customer? MyLocale is distributed by businesses with physical locations within Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs, meaning that nearly 100% of our readership lives, works or visits our area on a regular basis.

Here are the top five reasons businesses choose to advertise with us:

100% Open rates.

It’s well known by marketing insiders that even in the best-case scenario, no more than 30% of direct mail is ever even looked at, and if you’re using any form of direct mail to market your business, it’s very likely that at least 70% of your hard earned money is going directly into the trash.

MyLocale is distributed locally, directly inside businesses throughout Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs – in places like doctor’s office waiting rooms and checkout counters, where readers have time to stop and skim. Each and every book that’s picked up is opened at least once, and thanks to our convenience size and relevant content, many of our readers hold onto them for the entire month!

We are NOT a coupon book!

MyLocale is an informative magazine and super-handy tool for busy families in Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs. Each monthly issue contains important calendar days and announcements from the local school district, official city news, entertaining and insightful editorials, local business reviews and of course TONS of free and cheap local events & activities for kids, grown-ups and families.

Plus, it’s no coincidence that our little books are proportioned to fit perfectly in a woman’s purse or in that random nook under your car radio. Our readers are much more likely to keep our publication close at hand for the entire month, as opposed to simply clipping the coupons they think they will use, and immediately trashing the rest. So if they don’t need a plumber now but find out that they do later, they’ll still have your info close at hand!

Every Ad is a Full-Page Feature.

Did you know having too many colors on a page or contrasting colors and fonts in neighboring ads can cause readers to subconsciously skip right over an entire page – making it highly likely that your partial-page ad in other publications is never actually seen? We believe your small business is BIG news! You deserve the opportunity to wow customers with your own dedicated space where you can tailor the messaging without being silenced by obnoxious clashing neighbor-ads.

It’s Affordable.

Not only will you have an entire page to highlight your business, but that page will cost the same OR LESS than a half or even quarter page ad in many other [supposedly] local media. We also make it easy and affordable to highlight your business even further with reasonably priced upgrades for centerfold, cover and editorial spotlight options, and all upgrades are first-come, first-served with a fair rotation policy so that smaller businesses have the same opportunities to promote their business as larger ones.

Powerful Internet & Social Media Presence.

Your business will also be featured on our website and promoted through all of our social media channels. We’re actively engaged with our audience on Facebook™, Twitter™, Pinterest™ and LinkedIn™, and are followed by many powerful and far-reaching bloggers and local networking groups. We also encourage businesses, charities and individuals to further engage with us by posting their own events and announcements into relevant areas of our website, making our site a hub for groups and individuals throughout Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs.

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